The Rockets have taken off!

Last season the Houston Rockets were a dry television show, a soap opera.

Dwight Howard in and out of the lineup, James Harden constantly on highlight tapes not playing defense, and Josh Smith believing he was something he isn’t.

The Rockets finished 8th with a 41-41 record under Kevin McHale.

Starting the 2016 season Mike D’Antoni has reinvented Houston with his offense, and the team has bought into it.

The makeover for this team has been incredible. This squad is third in the Western Conference behind the Spurs (27-6) and the Warriors (29-5.)

Right now Houston is rocking (27-9) record!

No, they’re not a great defensive team, but in D’Antoni’s system it’s about outscoring your opponent. With 114.9 PPG the Rockets are 2nd in the NBA behind the Warriors at 117 PPG.

I love the pickups the Rockets acquired. Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon have provided a spark on the offensive end. Across the board this team has players that can move without the ball and in a few circumstances can create their own shot.

Gordon is in the right system and it’s obvious. 17 PPG while shooting 43% FG and 42% on threes. And he doesn’t have to be the number one guy!

Gordon is special and he fits in D’Antoni’s system of shoot, shoot some more and keep shooting.

Ryan Anderson, a sharpshooter, has been outstanding this season. The stretch four is averaging 17 PPG while shooting a career high 42% from three.

As a team the Rockets broke two records in one game. They made 24 three-pointers and attempted 61 in a 122-100 route against the Pelicans.

James Harden has really proven himself as a top three player in the NBA. To end the 2016 year, Harden cooked the Knicks for a career high 53 points and became the first player in league history – let this sink in — to have at least 50 points, 15 rebounds and 15 assists in an NBA game. The Beard finished with 53 points, 16 rebounds and 17 assists.

If you were sleeping on the Rockets it’s time to wake up.

This team is the 4th best team in the NBA, sorry Clipper fans. Enjoy this historic regular-season and watch out. This team is dangerous especially if they get hot from deep.

I have the Rockets finishing 3rd in the West and I am already looking forward to April, May and June!

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