The Trilogy

For the first time in NBA history, there is going to be a trilogy. The Cleveland Cavaliers will face the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals.

The Cavs didn’t make their first round sweep of the Indiana Pacers look easy, but they got it done. Cleveland’s defense is questionable, but nobody in the East will win four games against them with LeBron James in playoff mode. Just ask the Pacers about Game Three. James was able to lead the Cavs’ bench to an incredible comeback. The Washington Wizards are the biggest threat to the Cavs and they will only win two games in the Eastern Conference Finals… Or will it be the Celtics?

The Warriors have four All-Stars and they looked very good against the Portland Trailblazers in Game Four. The Utah Jazz might win one game and Joe Johnson or Gordon Hayward will be the reason.

The San Antonio Spurs are old and don’t have enough to slow Golden State down. Kawhi Leonard is the second best player on the floor. Tony Parker will be exhausted after 7 games versus the Houston Rockets. Hell, I am being polite as the Rockets look like they might end the Spurs season in six games. The Spurs bench (Patty Mills and Jonathon Simmons) is key and LaMarcus Aldridge please show up or fall to the the Rockets in six games.

I am going with Golden State in six games at the moment. Don’t worry if there is an improvement in the Cavs defense I will make a strong case for LeBron and company to repeat.

Let the countdown to June begin.

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